Incorporating Design Features into Your Flooring Installation

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Flooring By Design recently had the pleasure of installing new flooring at Grace United Church in their Sanctuary.

This job was not a typical installation – it required us to manoeuver within unique angles and on multiple-levels.

But our team was up for the challenge. We were able to install a beautiful, unique flooring design that used the angles and multiple levels as a design feature.

Don’t Be a Noisy Neighbour - Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Condo

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Are you one of the 1.6 million households who live in a condo?

Then you probably know that noise transfers easily. Newer drywall types do not absorb noise as well as older versions. Gaps in plumbing and wiring allow noise to escape. Cement firewalls are a noise transmitter.

Whether you're a builder

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