Don’t Be a Noisy Neighbour - Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Condo

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Are you one of the 1.6 million households who live in a condo?

Then you probably know that noise transfers easily. Newer drywall types do not absorb noise as well as older versions. Gaps in plumbing and wiring allow noise to escape. Cement firewalls are a noise transmitter.

Protecting Your Investment: Extending the Longevity of Your Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood flooring is a great option for adding warmth and style to your home, with many options that meet home décor trends.

Whether you decide on wide planks with sleek dark look, or narrow planks in a white oak finish, proper maintenance can extend the longevity of your floors and protect your investment.

Follow these basic maintenance rules and tips to keep your floors looking brand new.

Visit Our Booth at the Annual Fall Shows in Barrie

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Flooring By Design At The Annual Barrie Fall Home Show

It's Fall Home Shows Time!

Come out and meet the staff of Flooring By Design and see some of our latest flooring samples.

We'll be exhibiting at the 22nd Annual Fall Home Reno & Decor Show: September 20th & 21st

NEW VENUE!! - Eastview Arena - 435 Grove Street East, Barrie -

Hardwood Flooring Trends

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Hardwood flooring is available in all types of colours, tones, plank sizes, and even natural looks with different textures and grains. The World Floor Covering Association has stated the latest trends in hardwood flooring that showcases a new world for design possibilities for the consumer.

Here are some hardwood flooring trends:

Wider, Longer Planks

Why Choose Cork Flooring?

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Cork flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a green flooring decision for those environmentally-friendly homes.

Cork flooring's environmentally-friendly nature started with the product and production process that produces genuine cork flooring. After the bark of the cork oak tree is harvested, the tree continues to grow once the product is removed. The bark from the cork oak tree replenishes every nine years which makes it a renewable resource. The tree can be harvested for up to 150 years and will live for 200 years or more.

How Bamboo Hardwood Flooring Is Made

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Bamboo Flooring

When bamboo is manufactured and handled properly, the flooring is easily maintainable, eco-friendly and a great choice for your environmentally friendly home.

However, there have been a few worries in the industry about chemical usage in Bamboo flooring. But, when you choose bamboo floors from Flooring By Design we only have the highest quality from the most trustworthy manufacturers to ensure you’re getting the best flooring.

What is Bamboo?

What To Look For When Buying A New Carpet

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Carpets and Carpet Showroom in Barrie

Wall-to-wall carpeting used to be pretty boring stuff, just a neutral field of smooth-cut pile, without a lot of excitement or character. Most people just bought on price, but now people are buying on carpet style and here at our Flooring By Design Showroom we have many new and different carpet styles to show you.

Laminate Flooring Is Now Better Than Ever

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Laminate Flooring Barre

Laminate flooring is the perfect way to achieve the look of natural wood or stone at a more affordable price point. Laminate floors offer value because not only do they look like the real thing, but also offer added durability and resistance to everyday wear and tear.

Renovating Hardwood Floors

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Renovated Hardwood floor In Barrie

Canada's love for hardwood started about 20 years ago. Among the most requested amenities for homebuyers, hardwood floors are at the top of wish lists in older homes and included in the blueprints of new housing. When you find a home with pristine hardwood floors buried under 40 years of wall-to-wall shag carpet, well, it's like finding treasure.

Busting The Myths About Carpets

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Carpets Are Not Unhealthy

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI), the following myths have been identified as the top ten most persistent misconceptions:

“There are health risks associated with carpet”

Busted - An extensive toxicological assessment of components of carpet concluded that the chemicals in carpet pose no health risks of public concern.

“Mould and mildew can grow in carpet”

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Buying Hardwood Flooring

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Hardwood flooring in Barrie

Hardwood flooring is always a popular choice for Barrie homes. Sometimes there are several decisions to be made prior to the purchase of hardwood flooring. So here are some of the main questions we get asked at our Barrie hardwood flooring showroom. I hope these help answer some of your questions ... if you have more ... just come on by and we will be glad to help you.

1. Which type of hardwood floor is right for me, solid or engineered?

Maintaining Your Hardwood Floors

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Keeping your hardwood floor well maintained keeps it beautiful looking

When we instal a hardwood floor it is designed for optimal durability and ease of care — there’s very little you have to do to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment!

Here are our top tips to help preserve the beauty of your new hardwood flooring:

• It's recommended that you keep the relative humidity of your home at the following levels, this will ensure a healthy environment for your wood floor.
Solid Hardwood – 35-55% humidity
Engineered Hardwood – 35-65% humidity

Hardwood Flooring Trends And Ideas For 2014

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light hardwood and bamboo floors barrie

The World Flooring Association has released a summary of trends in flooring design in 2014 and beyond. The North American market for hardwood flooring has been dominated by darker colours for many years now, but light colours are making a comeback. The main wood species with natural light colours sold are white oak, maple and (slightly darker) walnut.

Bright Neutral Palates Influence Flooring Designs in Barrie

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Neutral colours are the trend in 2014

Neutral palates continue to dominate in the home for this year.

Even though painted cabinets are popular, many are being painted shades of white.

Antique white or arctic white, sandy tones and gray tones are also popular, and are being recommended by Canadian TV designers.

Additional bold colour continues to pop-up in small details, such as in a back splash, throw pillows, lighting or accessories, but generally a more subdued look is working well for homes in our Barrie area.

So what about the choice of floors - do neutral tones work on floors as well?

Kitchen Floors That Match And Merge With The Main Living Space

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Laminate Kitchen Floors

Perhaps the most fundamental shift in home design over the past 25 years has been the open concept kitchen.

In the past, kitchens were relegated to one, disconnected room, generally in the back of a home.

Now, kitchens open up into the main living space, walls are coming down, and flooring solutions need to match and merge.

Whether you're a builder

Whether you're a builder, a designer, contractor, or home owner looking to freshen up your space with new stylish floors, Flooring By Design will have options you'll fall in love with.
Learn more.