Hardwood flooring has many advantages over other types of flooring. Hardwood flooring adds value, warmth, and style to new and newly-renovated homes. Hardwood floor installation will cost more than buying a new carpet, however, hardwood floors can last more than 100 years with regular maintenance and repair if needed.

hardwood flooring


Besides longevity, hardwood floors are very durable and very resistant to daily living wear and tear. Unlike laminate flooring, or man-made flooring, hardwood can hold warmth and will be warm to the feet.

A hardwood floor is also good for people with allergies. It’s not a breeding ground for mold, mildew or dust mites. Keeping hardwood clean is easy. Vacuuming or damp mopping is routinely all a wood floor needs to stay fresh. This is especially true if you occasionally find yourself cleaning up after pets and small children.


Hardwood flooring can now be purchased in a pre-finished option. This style of hardwood flooring is more convenient, there is no sanding required. Therefore time is saved on installation as well as no sawdust to clean up. The floors can be walked on immediately after installation.

Further to this, the factory finish offered by hardwood floor manufacturers is substantially harder and more scratch resistant due to the nature of the manufacturing process.


Another advantage of hardwood flooring besides its durability and long life, is the ease with which it can be integrated into almost any design scheme in home or office decor.

It adds a structural strength that is not apparent with other types of hardwood flooring.


One of the advantages of hardwood flooring is the variety of surfaces and stains for finishing the floor that are available. Some hardwood flooring is planed to a smooth surface. It is the most popular finish selected by consumers.

However, one surface that is gaining popularity among homeowners and professional installers is hand-scraped hardwood flooring. This floor is made using planks that have been worked by hand rather than machine, giving the wood a more lived-in rustic type finish.

More variations can be obtained depending on the type and colours of the stains used on the wood. Some stains are made to bring out the natural beauty of the hardwood itself. Other stains are made to change the colour and caste of the flooring completely.

This is usually done to make the hardwood floor look like it’s made from one kind of wood, when it’s actually constructed from a different and lesser variety wood.

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