Hardwood Flooring Trends And Ideas For 2014

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26 Feb Hardwood Flooring Trends And Ideas For 2014

The World Flooring Association has released a summary of trends in flooring design in 2014 and beyond. The North American market for hardwood flooring has been dominated by darker colours for many years now, but light colours are making a comeback. The main wood species with natural light colours sold are white oak, maple and (slightly darker) walnut.

Sun-bleached and light greyish tones are popular. The texture of wood flooring is becoming almost as important as the colour. Distressed, weathered, wire – brushed and hand – scraped are the most common textures, with hand – scraped being the most costly.

Reclaimed wood from industrial or commercial buildings often shows unusual texture. Reclaimed wood is marketed as environmentally friendly because of the reuse of material. Prices are high and luxury homes are the main market.

Strand-woven bamboo flooring of growing popular

Bamboo has enjoyed widespread popularity for some time now. Low cost, hardness and attractive looks have contributed to the success of bamboo flooring. The range of colours and textures has increased in recent years.

Strand – woven bamboo is becoming popular because it is even harder than traditional bamboo flooring and it has a different texture.

Bamboo flooring is still widely regarded as a green material choice among North American consumers, although recent reports published in the US show environmental problems in bamboo growing areas. Third-party certification of bamboo has been recommended by environmental groups.

Wide board bamboo flooring is becoming more widely available, following the trend in hardwood flooring towards wider and longer widths.

Wide, matt finished flooring dominating the market

Wide plank wood flooring has become common and this trend is expected to continue. Wider widths (up to 25 cm) look more modern and manufacturers offer solid wood flooring boards up to 3 metres long now.

Additionally, buyers are becoming more interested in matte finishes, which provide a more natural look and show imperfections less than a glossy finish. Hard wax and oiled finish floor are becoming more popular, although they still account for a much smaller market share than in Europe.

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