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26 Feb Hardwood Flooring Trends

Hardwood flooring is available in all types of colours, tones, plank sizes, and even natural looks with different textures and grains. The World Floor Covering Association has stated the latest trends in hardwood flooring that showcases a new world for design possibilities for the consumer.

Here are some hardwood flooring trends:

Wider, Longer Planks

The use of wider planks is to open up a smaller space and create a more spacious look and feel. Wide planks are available in longer lengths for larger spaces such as a living room or a master bedroom which gives a smoother finish with less seams. Wide planks can be installed horizontally, vertically, or diagonally for a more dramatic look and can range in size from five inches to seven inches.

Darker Woods

Do you like making bold statements? Try our darker stained Santos Mahogany Hardwood Flooring that ranges from a brownish orange with yellow undertones to a deep reddish brown. Or if you wanted a type of hardwood flooring that has a dense texture and reticulated gain than our Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring is perfect for you. The Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring has a rich yellowish brown to salmon red tone, or can have a deep reddish tone with black streaks. This hardwood flooring is the hardest available and has a hardness rating of 2,350 in the Janka Test.

Today’s hardwood flooring is about not just about the colour but about the bolder designs to create a sleek dark look.

Gloss Levels

Although high gloss hardwood flooring was popular in the past years… the demand for low gloss hardwood flooring is increasing. The benefits of low gloss hardwood flooring is to hide those small scratches and dents. This type of gloss is best suited for pet owners or those with young children. Low gloss hardwood flooring is much easier to maintain and perfect option for high traffic areas.

Low gloss flooring is increasing in North America, where most hardwood flooring is now offered with gloss levels as low as 30%.

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To read more… Go to World Floor Covering Association


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