brazil cherry hardwood


Brazilian cherry is a very hard type of hardwood flooring with a dense texture and reticulated grain. Before maturation, the rich tones of this type of hardwood range from yellowish-brown, to salmon red, to deep red with black streaks. Brazilian Cheery hardwood flooring changes colours noticeably, rapidly darkening to a much sought after deep reddish-brown. This hardwood flooring is the hardest available, and has a hardness rating of 2350 in the Janka test.

santos mahogany hardwood


Santos mahogany is a medium-textured wood with a reticulated grain characteristic. Before maturation, the shades of this wood range from brownish-orange with yellow undertones to a deep reddish-brown. Colour changes in this species are moderate in rich, orange tinged and dark brown tones. This wood has a hardness rating of 2200 in the Janka test.



The Tauari hardwood flooring colour is cream or cream-white, with a pinkish or yellowish tinge. The grain is straight or uniformly interlocked. Texture is generally coarse to medium. This hardwood floor has a hardness of 1710 in the Janka test.

rose gaboty


Similar in strength to Oak, Rose Gaboty features a scope of colours with straight to interlocking grain and medium luster. Rose Gaboty is synonymous with a unique exotic quality and style. This wood has a hardness rating of 1285 in the Janka test.



Tigerwood hardwood floors are straight and even-grained. As its name suggests, this type of hardwood is characterized by large brownish-black streaks against a tan to dark orange-brown background. Colour changes in Tigerwood hardwood floors are full bodied, culminating in a deep reddish-brown color that mitigates the contrast created by the streaks. This wood has a hardness rating of 2160 in the Janka test.

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