Incorporating Design Features Into Your Flooring Installation

hardwood flooring in a church

25 Feb Incorporating Design Features Into Your Flooring Installation

Grace United Church 2 small Flooring By Design recently had the pleasure of installing new flooring at Grace United Church in their Sanctuary.

This job was not a typical installation – it required us to manoeuver within unique angles and on multiple-levels.

But our team was up for the challenge. We were able to install a beautiful, unique flooring design that used the angles and multiple levels as a design feature.

“We knew that the area in question presented you with complexities that you don’t usually encounter, having multiple levels and many unique angles, and were pleased that you and your crew looked at it as an opportunity to allow your skills and craftsmanship to shine.”

Grace United Church 2 large

Angles and levels are an uncommonly used design element that can take your flooring from beautiful to spectacular.

The project at Grace United Church is a perfect example. We could have easily installed a classic-style flooring that spanned from right to left and made the room look wider. While this would have been a great addition to the Sanctuary, it wouldn’t have created that “wow” factor that has caused the congregation to take notice.

How can you incorporate design elements into your flooring installation?

Consider playing with direction. The direction in which you run your flooring may be based on housing structure or room dimensions. But you can actually deviate from classic styles to create a design feature.

Staircase Large

In the Grace United Church photo, you can see where we used traditional patterns on the stairs themselves, but used different directions on the main floor to create a triangle feature.

Use your angles! Angles can create an interesting focal point. As with Grace United Church, we were able to use an angle in the stairs as a meeting point. From there, we used many different directions to create our unique design.

Additional elements you may consider include combining multiple widths of flooring in varying colours of wood. You can also considering combing of multiple species of wood. The natural wood grains of each species can create an interesting, yet subtle, composition would be unique to your home.

Flooring By Design offers stylish and affordable flooring options with full-service installation. Visit our Design Showroom and Retail Outlet or contact us for a free estimate at 705-734-3995.

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