Kitchen Floors That Match And Merge With The Main Living Space

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26 Feb Kitchen Floors That Match And Merge With The Main Living Space

Perhaps the most fundamental shift in home design over the past 25 years has been the open concept kitchen.

In the past, kitchens were relegated to one, disconnected room, generally in the back of a home.

Now, kitchens open up into the main living space, walls are coming down, and flooring solutions need to match and merge.

“Lately we’ve seen a big focus on entertaining from our clients,” said Trevor Kadlec, President of one of Barrie’s leading flooring showrooms, Flooring By Design. “They’re looking for functional and comfortable spaces that maximize their ability to gather and relax with friends and family. Having a comfortable floor that looks great is part of that experience.”

And as more Barrie homes embrace this open concept, flooring designers are taking the next step by creating beautiful floors that can seamlessly blend into the kitchen, which can then blend seamlessly into the family room.

The solution is to use different materials such as the new lines of softer kitchen tiles and laminates, or using different flooring concepts entirely, such as warm, hardwood floors, or our latest 2014 line of ultra comfortable coloured cork floors.

All these new solutions lend themselves to revitalize the kitchen space, into a warm and cozy family and entertaining space rather than being totally practical and utilitarian.

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