Why Choose Cork Flooring?

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26 Feb Why Choose Cork Flooring?

Cork flooring is becoming increasingly popular as a green flooring decision for those environmentally-friendly homes.

Cork flooring’s environmentally-friendly nature started with the product and production process that produces genuine cork flooring. After the bark of the cork oak tree is harvested, the tree continues to grow once the product is removed. The bark from the cork oak tree replenishes every nine years which makes it a renewable resource. The tree can be harvested for up to 150 years and will live for 200 years or more.

As an alternative to cork ending up in the landfill … cork can be recycled into beautiful flooring. Many companies now a days are using adhesives with no or low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) which helps keep the air quality clean in every room where the cork flooring is laid.

Benefits of cork flooring:

– Durable = resistant to dents because of the natural memory and elasticity
– Warmer = cork traps the heat and keeps the floors well insulated
– Hypoallergenic = cork protects against allergens
– Quiet and Soft = helps with underfoot ease of leg and foot fatigue which results in less walking noise

Cork flooring is easier to maintain than other flooring options. To clean your cork flooring, simply spot clean and vacuum using specific floor cleaner and your floors will look stunning when you’re done.

Forest-Friendly Flooring

HPS Panels (high wearing resistant cork flooring) are manufactured with cork, which is a completely natural, renewable and sustainable resource. When harvesting cork, no trees are cut down. The outer bark of the cork oak tree is removed and new bark grows back in its place.

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